Call Me BJ

26 May 2020

I founded KAIL to live my passion on natural building, woodworking, eco living and anything that makes life breathe in the mood of mother nature. Unique island living across Indonesian archipelago has much inspired my works. The diversity is indeed a living architectural resource which, I believe, will gradually disappear without attempt to preserve it. And I love to be part of this attempt.

Bali-born as Ketut Astawa, I am influenced by an old proverb. We hear, we forget. We read, we understand. We do, we know. To learn, DIY is my main resource. To move, I trust all roads lead to God and I take off-road. For this reason, my nickname Bije has been shorten out into BJ to call me for "bukan juragan" literally means "not boss". Oooh that's really fine. Life does do some humor quite often and I am joyful with that. 

Anyway call me BJ. I blog to share what I've seen, thought, done or experienced in any issue of living as an eco-ego. It could be building knowledge, woodworking skills, living bits or related traveling experiences. Some may inspire and some may just drift. But whatever it comes at the end, I trust sharing is noble.   

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