Bamboo Roof with Craft Produce Bamboo Shingle Roof

BAMBOO ROOF we craft-produce bamboo shingle roof. Why bamboo roof? It is eco-friendly as produced using the most substantial and sustainable material on earth which grows fast and abundant. It gives unique and beautiful exposure to the entire structure. It absorbs impacts which lessens the need for a roof leak repair. It will also help keep space cool in dry season and warm in wet season. With applied treatment, it invests a durable life span. Treatment also makes it fireproof as the bamboo fibers are protected. Technically well-installed, it is exceptionally   and rain-proof.  And during heavy rainfall, it lessens the noise as it creates a sound barrier. Purchase is packed per sqm basis to include materials and installing. Six-month maintenance is served free after installing.  We do not accommodate purchase on material-only basis. We believe making and installing bamboo roof shall be best done by the same craftsmanship to ensure best overall quality. 

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